Journal of Neural Engineering paper now in press

Our Journal of Neural Engineering paper entitled “A high-density carbon fiber neural recording array technology” with first-author Travis Massey, a former PhD student with Michel Maharbiz at UC Berkeley, is now in press.  In this publication, a 32-channel carbon fiber monofilament-based intracortical neural recording array fabricated through a combination of bulk silicon microfabrication processing and microassembly is presented. This device represents the first truly two-dimensional carbon fiber neural recording array.  Typical 1 kHz impedances of the carbon fibers are on the order of hundreds of kiloohms, and successful in vivo recording is demonstrated in the motor cortex of a rat. 

This is the highest density microwire-style electrode array to date, and this fabrication technique is scalable to a larger number of electrodes and allows for the potential future integration of microelectronics. Large-scale carbon fiber neural recording arrays are a promising technology for reducing the inflammatory response and increasing the information density, particularly in neural recording applications where microwire arrays are already used.

Big congratulations to Travis and all of the other contributing authors!